Thoughtful catering


We encourage staff and guests to take away any leftover food. The remainder is donated to local food charities, individuals and our network of catering contacts. Unused fresh vegetables are used by selected local social enterprises, and we pickle and preserve the rest. Anything really inedible is processed into compost for our herb and vegetable gardens. Cooking water is filtered and stored in a water butt for our garden. Vegetable oil is collected and recycled into biofuel. We don’t use plastic packaging, skewers, straws or pots.


Our produce comes mainly from farms in Suffolk, Dorset, Devon and Kent. All of our meat is pasture-raised and sustainably reared, and we’re trialling some regenerative lamb suppliers. Our fish comes from MSC-certified fishmongers and artisan smokehouses. For smaller events we use our own flowers, herbs and brassicas.


As a result of our seasonality guidelines, our menus will naturally adapt and evolve. It means that, for example, you could well be served a Tamil dosa with spiced celeriac, or Thai som tam salad made with raw British-grown swede instead of green papaya which has to be shipped in (it tastes exactly the same, so keep this a secret!)


We pay London Living Wage plus (at least) 25% to all of our team members. We believe this improves the livelihoods of our employees and places pressure on our peers to pay a decent, respectful wage. We think you’ll notice the results.


We donate 10% of our profits to selected humanitarian, environmental and poverty reduction charities across London and the UK. It’s our way of giving back a little bit of the fruits (and vegetables) of our labour.