Small plates

Spring/Summer 2022


Broad beans, smoked kolrabi, labneh, pickled apple, fennel

Crisp tofu, charred cucumber, mustard seed pilaf (vg)

Asparagus, helda bean, orange, red oakleaf, croutons (vg)

Isle of wight tomato, laverstoke mozzarella, basil, raspberry vinegar

Salted and charred baby cucumber, peanut butter, fenugreek (vg)

Bruschette, grilled artichoke, confit garlic (vg)

Bombay chaat (sev, tamarind, yoghurt, poppadum, red onion, coriander) (vg)

Spanish tortilla bocadillito, caper, tarragon and guindillo alioli

Potato and spring onion fritter, preserved lemon labneh, dukkah

Smoked haddock scotch egg, parsley aioli

Grilled mackerel, cured cavolo nero, smoked potato aioli

Squid, chorizo, black pudding, egg mayonnaise, batavia (p)

Piedmont peppers, anchovy, capers, sheep cheese, oregano

Scallop ceviche, baby cucumber, grapes, wasabi and mezcal, farofa

Smoked duck, raspberries, cottage cheese, lovage

Coronation chicken, cos lettuce, madras mayonnaise

Ham hock and pea salad, asparagus, piccalilli mayonnaise, crackling

London burrata, cantaloupe, prosciutto, parsley

Salmorejo, broad beans, cured ham, crisp onions


Grilled asparagus, mint, aged cheshire cheese (vg)

Paccheri, braised helda beans, garlic, cherry tomatoes

Tropea onion, spinach, pecorino rosso, hazelnuts (vg)

Dhal roti, butter bean curry, tomato rougaille, pickled vegetables (vg)

Mac and cheese, herb and roasted yeast crumble

Caramelised cauliflower and garlic soufflé, thyme grissini

Fried aubergine, kent honey, raisins, nigella (vg)

Summer risotto, peas, broad beans, spinach, baked ricotta, mint (vg)

Broccoli and peanut samosa, coriander satini (vg)

Cantabria anchovy beignet, goat cheese, orange, sprouts

Gurnard brandade, marrow, cheddar

Coley rarebit, samphire

Charred cornish squid, patatas a lo pobre, smoked paprika oil

Salt cod croquette, broad bean fricassee

Roast cod, barley, green beans, lardons (p)

Lamb kibbeh, mint, coriander and coconut chutney

Yeasted buttermilk fried chicken, herb mayonnaise

Pork or duck taco, pickles, tomatillo salsa verde

Pork curry, charlotte potatoes, balachaung

Kimchi pork patty, chinkiang slaw, garlic spinach, popcorn togarashi

Goat samosa, coriander satini

Brioche, maple glazed bacon, cider vinegar sauerkraut

(p) pescatarian available

(vg) vegan available