Hi all,

This is the run sheet for the wedding that we are running on behalf of Marcus and Brian.

Below is all the information you need, including menus, timings, contacts, setup, equipment lists and some other stuff you might like to know.

If you have any questions or are in any doubt about anything at all, please call me as soon as possible on 07727 936 631.


Event Details

CLIENT Marcus Stemp
Event type Wedding
Event timings 15:00 - 00:00
Staff timings 12:00 - 01:00

Head chef 10:00 - 00:00

Manager 10:00 - 01:00

Guests 101 adults
Address The Lodge, Durford Place, Durfood Wood, Petersfield, GU31 5AL
Event manager Ross Jones | 07727 936 631
Front of house manager Dita Rosted | 07944 113 696
Head chef Ross Jones | 07727 936 631
Groom #1 Marcus Stemp | 07841 597 472
Groom #2 Brian Tufte | 07739 423 179
Usher Matthew Hayes | tbc
Venue landline Deborah Stemp | 01730 893 539
Hire Equipment Allens | 020 8574 9600



Allergens: Basil, thyme, oregano, marjoram, pistachios, nuts, seeds, shellfish, coconut, avocado, banana

101 x Chicory, smoked duck, pistachio and parsley hummus, blackberries N Su
3 x  Chicory, smoked duck, salsa verde, blackberries (Scott, Erin, Lucinda) Su
101 x Sticky rice arrancini, dorset crab and lemongrass, turmeric mayo, long pepper G E M C Mu
1 x Sticky rice arrancini, lemongrass, turmeric mayo, long pepper (Carolyn) G E M Mu
101 x Deep fried pickles, mustard seed tempura, watermelon molasses, pickled watermelon skin G E M Mu Su

101 x Tamarind meringue, pineapple purée, lime salt


92 x Chicken schwarma, pickles, salted baby cucumber, baby leaves, black sesame tahini, garlic purée, hot sauce G Se Su
2 x Chicken schwarma, pickles, salted baby cucumber, baby leaves, garlic purée, hot sauce (Scott, Lucinda) G Su

101 x Bomba de la Barcelonetta with onion, garlic, red pepper, tomato and chick peas, slow cooked tomato sauce G E M Mu

101 x Flatbreads (no sesame), hummus, ezme G Se

 Vegetarian starter


7 x Aubergine schwarma, pickles, salted baby cucumber, baby leaves, black sesame tahini, garlic purée, hot sauce G Se Su


94 x Butterfly leg of lamb, soured milk, pomegranate and cucumber salsa M Su

Vegetarian main


7 x Polenta steak, goat curd, salsa verde E M Su

Main side dishes


99 x Roasted beets, walnuts, labneh, dill oil M N
2 x Roasted beets, labneh, dill oil M (Scott, Lucinda)

101 x Patatas a lo pobre: potatoes, roasted peppers, garlic, vinegar, paprika Su

99 x Yellow and green courgette, pine nuts and raisins
2 x Yellow and green courgette and raisins (Scott, Lucinda)

Dessert x 101
100 x Mango parfait, pineapple carpaccio, burnt pineapple purée, coconut velouté E M
1 x Mango parfait, pineapple carpaccio, burnt pineapple purée (Deborah) E M
Special meal (Robert)
1 x Starter: Bacon scone (provided by client) G E M
1 x Main: Chicken supreme, chips and salad
1 x Dessert: Mango parfait, pineapple carpaccio, burnt pineapple purée, coconut velouté E M
Evening snack 30 x Picarones: sweet potato and pumpkin donuts, cane syrup G E

30 x Bao buns, char siu pork, crispy leek G
10 x Bao buns, miso roasted aubergine, crispy leek G (Vegetarian)
Allergen key G = Gluten | E = Egg | M = Milk | N = Nuts | C = Crustaceans F = Fish | Mo = Molluscs | P = Peanuts | S = SoyCe = Celery/Celeriac | Mu = Mustard | Se = Sesame Su = Sulphites | L = Lupin

All dishes are prepared in a kitchen which handles a variety of ingredients. We cannot guarantee that there won't be small traces of nuts and other allergens.



Reception Seven Cherries Elderflower, kaffir, lychee, ginger, lemongrass and soda (non-alcoholic) (jam jar)
Fruit for Pimm's and lemonade
Reception Client Mint and elderflower fizz (flute) - top up with jugs
Pimm's and lemonade (jam jar) - top up with jugs
Fizz (flute)
Toasts Client Existing drinks - no fizz to be served
Meal Client White wine - Picpoul de Pinet, France
Red wine  - Selvarossa, Italy
Meal Seven Cherries Table water (jugs)
Evening Client Red wine - Merlot, California
White wine - Pinot Grigio, Italy
Fizz (flute)
Gin and tonic (slim highball)



Prep @ Unit 16, Parkside Business Estate, London SE8 5JB

Head Chef Ross Jones 29/08 & 30/08 09:00 18:00
Sous chef Asher Wyborne 29/08 & 30/08 09:00 18:00
Sous chef Dani Salvador 30/08 09:00 18:00
Chef de partie Imogen Levy 29/08 09:00 18:00


Back of house @ The Lodge, Durford Place, Durford Wood, Petersfield, GU31 5AL

Head chef Ross Jones 10:00 00:00 07727 936 631 Drive / Overnight / Drive
Sous chef Asher Wyborne 10:00 21:30 07967 098 380 Lift / Train
Sous chef Dani Salvador 12:00 21:30 07508 147 124 Train / Train
Chef de partie Imogen Levy 13:00 00:00 07800 939 895 Drive / Overnight / Drive


Front of house @ The Lodge, Durford Place, Durford Wood, Petersfield, GU31 5AL

Manager Dita Rosted 10:00 01:00

07944 113 696

Lift / Overnight / Lift
Waiter Igor Golovanov 12:00 21:30 07743 312 336 Train / Train
Waiter Josie 12:00 21:30 TBC Train / Train
Waiter Milena 12:00 21:30 TBC Train / Train
Waiter Joanna 12:00 21:30 TBC Train / Train
Waiter Melissa 12:00 21:30 TBC Train / Train
Waiter Apatu Storey 13:00 21:30 07912 678 180 Lift / Train
Waiter Gavin 12:00 01:00 TBC Train / Overnight / Lift
Waiter Robyn Hughes 13:00 01:00 07543 215 101 Lift / Overnight / Lift
Waiter Lily Sawyer 13:00 01:00 07557 535 521 Lift / Overnight / Lift



Friday 30th August
07:30-13:30 Hire equipment delivered to client site Allens Catering Hire


Saturday 31st August
08:00 Chefs & manager depart London Ross, Asher, Dita
09:30 Collect lamb from Bowtell's Farm Ross
10:00 Chefs & manager arrive at client site - set up kitchen & BOH Ross, Asher, Dita
12:00 Early team arrives at client site Dani, Igor, Waiters x 5
12:00-15:00 Set up dining and bar areas FOH
13:00 Late team arrives at client site Imogen, Apatu, Anna, Lily
13:00-13:30 Check in at accommodation Imogen (Half Moon)

Robyn (May's Cottage)

15:00 Guests arrive at client site

Canapé and bar service commences

16:00 Call to ceremony

Canapé and bar service pauses

16:15-17:00 Ceremony Client
17:00 Canapé and bar service resumes All
18:00 Call to sit Client
18:15 Speech #1: Father of Groom Antony Stemp
18:30 Starter served FOH & BOH
18:50 Starter cleared FOH
19:00 Speech #2: Groom Brian Tufte
19:15 Main served FOH & BOH
19:45 Main cleared FOH
19:55 Speech #3 Jon Tufte, Marcus Stemp
20:30 Dessert served FOH & BOH
20:55 Dessert cleared BOH
21:00 Dancing commences Client
21:10 Tea & coffee buffet served FOH
21:30 Chefs & early team depart client site

Taxis pre-booked to Liss station

Dani, Asher, Igor, Apatu, Waiters x 4
22:30 Evening food served FOH & BOH
00:00 Carriages Client
01:00 Remaining staff depart client site

Drive to accommodation

Ross, Imogen, Dita, Anna, Lily, Lucie



BOH BOH to use client's garage for kitchen service - tables, ovens and hot cupboard to be set up
Clearing tent adjacent to garage, tables set up for cold prep
Running water available in adjacent utility room
FOH Clearing tent and utility room used for storage and clearing

Bar area can also be used for glassware clearing

Make up jugs of drinks during reception:

  1. Pimm's & lemonade
  2. Elderflower mint fizz cocktail
  3. Elderflower lychee mocktail

No fizz to be served for toasts, leave guests with their existing drinks.

Wine to be offered to guests as they sit down. Please be attentive with wine service during the meal.

Wine list White
Pinot Grigio, Italy
Picpoul de Pinet, France - serve with starter
Merlot, California
Selvarossa, Italy - serve with main
Service Canapés served on Seven Cherries platters
Main meal served on a mix of Seven Cherries and hired platters
Main meal is a mix of sharing and plated - see menu above for details
Service needs to be very attentive but not stuffy
Staff food Served between main course and dessert
Please eat prior to the shift
Staff break All staff to take 20 mins break every six hours, as directed by Manager
Uniform BOH: chef jacket or clean t-shirt, smart jeans or trousers, clean trainers or shoes, apron, knives
FOH: black t-shirt, black jeans or trousers, smart trainers
Casual but not scruffy
Recycling and waste Use recycling bins as provided
Do not break down wine boxes
Never mix food waste and recycling
Any surplus food to be eaten by staff or left in client's fridge
Food waste will be removed if no compost bin is provided



Flute x 200 (elderflower mint cocktail / fizz)
Highball x 110 (table)
White wine x 180 (table / evening)
Red wine x 180 (table / evening)
Slim Jim x 300 (G&T/evening drinks)
Jam jar x 120 (60 x Pimm's / 60 x Mocktail)
Whisky tumbler x 20
Water jug x 20 (make up jugs of Pimm's / elderflower mint cocktail / mocktail)
Oven x 3
Hot cupboard x 1
Prep table x 6
Trestle table x 3
Veg bowl large 22cm x 30 (main: potatoes/beetroot)
Rectangle platter x 17 (starter: bomba)
Veg bowl oval 21cm x 17 (starter: pitta & shawarma skewers)
Wooden platter x 17 (main: lamb)
Open tapas bowl x 17 (main: salsa)
Thai dipping bowl x 51 (starter: black tahini/pickles & cucumber/hot sauce)
White tapas bowl x 51 (starter: hummus/ezme; main: cucumber yoghurt)
Falconware enamel plates x 17 (starter: flatbread) - SEVEN CHERRIES
Falconware enamel plates x 17 (main: courgette) - SEVEN CHERRIES
Service fork x 17 (main: lamb)
Service spoon x 51 (starter: bomba; main: potatoes/beetroot)
Salad tong x 17 (main: courgette)
Tea spoon x 75 (starter: ezme/hummus/hot sauce/garlic purée; main: garlic yoghurt)
Ice bin x 7
Ice scoop x 2
Non slip tray x 4
Deep fryer x 1
Grey linen x 3
Coffee butler x 4
Cafetiere x 4
Water boiler x 1
Sugar bowl x 4
Cream jug x 4
Coffee cup x 60
Saucer x 60
Tea spoon x 65
Starter plate Stella Coupe 25cm x 110
Main plate Stella Coupe 29cm x 110
Dessert plate Nuova  Coupe 28cm x 110
Table knife x 110
Table fork x 110
Starter knife x 110
Starter fork x 110
Dessert spoon x 110
Dessert fork x 110
Napkin x 110


Garage interior
Garage entrance
Clearing area location
Reception area
Dining marquee location
Dining marquee location


SEATING PLAN (click to print PDF)