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sustainability and seasonality

Our goal is zero waste. We consider the environmental impact of everything we do, which covers sustainability and seasonality of ingredients as well as packaging and transport. Our menus are designed to complement the seasons and minimise food miles, so ingredients are used at their best and do as little damage as possible. We use quality, organic ingredients to create dishes that use playful flavour combinations and are simply but beautifully presented.


Our style of cuisine spans a broad range, from classic British and European dishes, through the Middle East, Asia and the Americas, though we lean more towards British flavours and dishes as we feel this best complements the seasonality of our ingredients.


Ross Jones

Ross has more than seven years’ experience in the food and drink industry, covering events, catering, restaurants, bars and street food. He spent three and a half years at one of london’s best-known catering companies, as event manager, chef and general manager. His expertise covers cooking, menu development, event planning, logistics, business operations, human resources, finance, sustainability and photography.

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